Purple Quarter’s unique talent mapping
process is the backbone
of its success

Finding the right technological head for your business is an arduous task that needs a process, a proven one. Purple Quarter’s process goes beyond just matching a probable tech head’s competence and experience with the employer. It works on bringing a capable tech. visionary who not only understands the entire ecosystem but is also able to align with the company’s ethos, vision and cultural DNA.
Having helped some of India’s biggest businesses hire their technological heads, we are confident of our process and believe that we can help any product company achieve the same level of success with their hiring.

Swiggy, InMobi, Urbanclap, Bounce are some of the clients we have helped hire their Tech Heads.

What is Purple Quarter’s process ?

1. Initial step
After discussions with the client, the engagement document agreement is signed.
2. Outline of action plan
Meeting stakeholders in the company to create a business and technology road map.

Creation of a detailed deck based on the discussions for the candidate’s reference.
3. Talent Mapping
Finding active and passive talent with the right skills and culture fit.

Sharing their details with the client.
4. Finding the right fit
PQ takes care of the entire process from searching for relevant profiles to onboarding the candidate.

Negotiation process.

Offer roll out.

Onboarding and post-offer engagement.

Differences between traditional
& tech hiring

There is a world of difference between traditional tech hiring and the kind of visionary that happens at Purple Quarter. While the former can be successful at times, the latter is successful to a fault because all the variables involved in a perfect hire are met.

Tech Hiring

Engagement with both active and Passive talent

Select visionary to Pick from

Cost of wrong hiring is high

Vision alignment part of selection process

Traditional Hiring

Engagement and search within active talent pool

Broad base of talent pool to choose from

Cost of wrong hiring is low

Vision alignment done after on-boarding clients

PQ Features

PQ was founded after long discussions with more than 600 top tech visionaries across the globe. Our idea is not to work on innumerable projects and add ‘X projects completed’ and ‘Y clients satisfied.’ on our website. We want to work on meaningful projects that impacts our clients immensely. Hiring a tech leader for your company isn’t your average recruitment process. It is almost transformative in nature because of the implications involved.

PQ’s decision to work only on tech-leadership hiring helped us get an edge as we could understand the vagaries of this process like no other company could.. With each client, our process was getting refined. As long as our clients are happy and satisfied, we could not have asked for more.

  • Methodological hiring

    Our business knowledge and experience helped us create a step-by-step hiring methodology

  • Thorough vetting

    The credentials of the probable candidates are better to ensure that no unfit candidate enters

  • Client study

    PQ’s method has its team resorting to a multitude of processes to find the technology wizard who will take the reins

  • Transparency

    As unique as PQ’s methodology might be, we don’t shy away from walking our clients through our entire process.

  • Better process every time

    With each client, our process gets refined which is reflected in the final result as well as the time consumed.

  • Roadmap for you

    The team at PQ even helps its clients chart a technological roadmap based on their needs and goals.

  • Well experienced team

    The folks at PQ come with significant experience in the recruitment industry and have perfected their strength over the years.

  • Happy Clients

    PQ has worked with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the startup ecosystem.

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Our Valuable Clients

PQ’s purpose is to help its clients hire technology head who will enable them to take the next level in its journey. We have helped some of the most successful organizations restructure their leadership team.

PQ’s process, in all brevity, is to hire great leaders. We can clearly say that our process has fetched results. Here are some of the big names that Purple Quarter has been able to help.