Life at Purple Quarter

Who we are?

Purple Quarter helps technology and product companies hire their technology heads by following a thoroughly vetted process. It involves understanding the business, strategy, goals and vision. With all of this information and other data points in hand, it becomes easy to find the perfect hire.

Founded by Deepak Singh Ahlawat, a serial entrepreneur and investor, he is also the founder of Anzy Careers, a startup hiring consultancy. Deepak is also an investor in Tracxn and Gameskraft. Roopa Kumar, co-founder and COO, has decades of experience in HR support and background search. They founded PQ to fill a void in the hiring of technology heads, in 2017.

Why should you work with us?

As a pioneer in the field of recruiting technology heads for technology and product companies, the folks at Purple Quarter have to rack their brains and pack a punch every single day. Despite having a successful hiring methodology in place, PQ experiments a lot, you will be working with a dynamic bunch of professionals who will keep you on your toes. The hours are flexible, the environment is open and the work is challenging. If all of this interests you, apply for the jobs that are relevant to your experience and give yourself a happy career.

Our values

Purple Quarter works with the belief that product and technology companies wouldn’t be able to survive without capable and strong tech minds at the helm. PQ gave birth because there never was a data-driven process in place when hiring tech leaders for businesses.


It is this trait that drives us to create results for our clients even when the challenge might seem difficult to many.


The team at PQ firmly believes that it is impossible to achieve greatness without a sense of discipline.

Winning Mindset

The attitude with which we work reflects on the results that we produce on a consistent basis.


Our experience in the tech leadership search helps us predict how things will turn out.


PQ understands how the lack of an able technology leader can affect the prospects of a business.

Walk the talk

PQ’s values are strictly adhered to inside the company thus lending credence when we talk to potential clients.

What PQians are saying?

With a state-of-the-art office and an open door policy, Purple Quarter is the place to be if you are looking for a dynamic work environment where you get to participate and voice your opinion with clarity and authority, thanks to the flat hierarchy. We pride ourselves on having a friendly workspace where the scope to learn and do more is always there.

Expect a transparent atmosphere where you work in an environment that is highly electric. We believe that each hire is important as they help in moulding the culture of the office. PQ ensures that care is taken to onboard candidates who are not only the right cultural fit but can also fit into our shared dogmas of passion and vision in scourging the best tech hotshots for our clients.


There is a fantastic aura surrounding the people and the kind of work we do. It can be extremely challenging, but seeing so smart minds work on it gives you a sense of calm


I am excited to head to the PQ office everyday. The challenges, the banter and the kind of kick you get when interacting with intelligent minds is a different feeling


It is an excellent place to learn and grow, not only as a professional, but also as an individual.

Check our current

Purple Quarter is on the lookout for professionals who want to solve problems. We solve the problem of hiring technology heads and we believe we are doing a good job at it. We would like to have more heads solving this at a frenetic pace. How would you fancy working in a stimulating work environment that will test your abilities to the max? If your abilities match with any of our current openings, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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