We find Tech Leaders
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We match the cultural DNA and core values of the client to find tech visionaries who help realise the time value of money for them.

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Everything you wanted to know about Purple Quarter

Purple Quarter helps technology and product companies hire their technology heads by following a thoroughly vetted process. It involves understanding the business, strategy, goals and vision. With all of this information and other data points in hand, it becomes easy to find the perfect hire.
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What is Purple Quarter’s process ?

Get top tech minds for your business with our highly powerful hiring process

Purple Quarter's team prides itself on creating a highly effective plan using which it becomes extremely easy to connect businesses with the right tech head. We believe that technology is at the forefront of businesses these days and the one who we connect you to would be a perfect mix of someone who understands your technology footprint and values, at the same time.

PQ Features

Methodological hiring
Our business knowledge and experience helped us create a step-by-step hiring methodology
Thorough vetting
The credentials of the probable candidates are better to ensure that no unfit candidate enters
Client study
PQ’s method has its team resorting to a multitude of processes to find the technology wizard who will take the reins
As unique as PQ’s methodology might be, we don’t shy away from giving a walkthrough to our clients to describe the entire process.
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Purple Quarter Podcasts

  • Season 2: Episode 3: Mihir Dalal, author of Big Billion Startup: The Untold Flipkart Story

  • Season 2: Episode 2- Viram Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Vested Finance

  • Season 2: Episode 1- Manish Bhatia, President of Tech, LendingKart

  • Episode 13- Abhinav Yajurvedi, Tech and Product, PharmEasy

  • Episode 12- Nitin Gupta, Head of Product and Engineering, Milkbasket

  • Episode 11- Sriram V Iyer, VP Engineering, Flipkart

  • Episode 10- Dimi Taslim, Investor, GGV Capital

  • Episode 9 - Vishwanath Ramarao, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Acko

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PQ’s Blog

To know everything about the recruitment industry, latest trends, techniques, tools and fascinating stories, go through our articles.

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